Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plaza Redbox: A Sticky Mess

This is not a photo of the DVD that I got out of the Country Club Plaza McDonald's Redbox location yesterday... I totally should've taken a photo of it, but it didn't dawn on me to do so. Sawry.

The one that I got out of that machine was nasty. It had soda spilled on it and the hinge of the jewelcase was in need of a major dose of WD-40. Straight nasty.

To top it all off, the movie ("Hancock") went batty after about 20 minutes of viewing and it never recovered all the way to the end, despite a healthy cleaning. There was no chapter that you could skip to that wasn't pixelated and down with a bad case of the movie hiccups.

Redbox on the Plaza. FAIL.

I sent them a support email, we'll see how that goes.

UPDATE: They sent me an email in reply with a promo code for a free rental.