Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pix from Prop8 Protest Rally

My head is still BUZZing from the all-nighter last night... but I did make it over to the rally to snap two pix before I had to seek coffee.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oooo That Smell in Brio

What's the deal with the smell inside Brio?

I can't quite place it... somewhere between yakkity-yak and stinky drawers... I have no idea how you come to mix two such things, but it shore ain't pleasant.

I've been in Brio a few times and in each visit it was basically dead (10-12 bodies) and it's usually the last place we visit before the last place we visit (JJ's). Or, is it the other way around? By that time of the night, I can't remember much.

Therefore, I always give Brio a bad rap because it never seems like there is much going on. However, needing a conversation with someone that can talk about such deep things as ether, metaphysics, world order and broken heels (okay, I admit @tessk , we didn't talk about any of that stuff except the last one, but I know we can and do), I pegged Brio as the perfect place to grab a glass of wine, plop on the couch and enjoy conversation in front of the fireplace.

Alas. Brio was busy! Curses!

To avoid the smell, I buried my beak in a glass of Chianti, stayed bundled on the heated patio and tended to the good conversation. At least I didn't see any ladies that I'd previously dated on this visit to Brio.

PlazaBUZZ Events Calendar

As far as I can tell, Google Calendar doesn't yet have a widget for Blogger... when they do, it will make it easier to keep you informed about events. For now, I've added a Plaza Events section on the right hand column of the blog. I hope this adds to your PlazaBUZZ experience!


A Border War is Coming

It's getting closer to that time, boys and girls, when MU and KU put on the gloves and git bizy.

In this Border War, however, we like to kick it off with a party... lots of parties, in fact.

M&I Bank will be holding a pep rally (OH MI GOSH!) on Thursday, November 20, from 2-7pm at their Country Club Plaza branch located at 800 W. 47th Street.

M&I Bank will be collecting food and money on behalf of the University of Kansas Jayhawks and University of Missouri Tigers. Attendees are encouraged to come and support their teams and donate to Harvesters to determine which school can collect the most donations.

Attendees can enter to win prizes and enjoy snacks, refreshments and games, compliments of M&I Bank, as Kevin Kietzman with Sports Radio 810 WHB broadcasts "Between the Lines" live from the M&I Bank parking lot.

What does it mean when a bank throws a pep rally? Hmmmmm.

Segs in the City

Anyone been on one of these things yet?

I haven't, but I've seen them in cities around the country. Often they are mounted by officers of the law.

But, here's a little twist on getting to ride one... take a walking riding tour.

SegwayExperience gives several tours around KC: the urban core, the Plaza and the Zoo. A Country Club Plaza hour tour is $50. You will learn about the fountains, sculptures and architecture of our famed neighborhood.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Search of Wine

I'm in search of a place to go (walk) when I just want one glass of wine and some possible conversation (Okay, and some eye candy). So far, my search hasn't been that pleasant.
  1. Houston's: In two visits to Houston's I had wine that was way too young once and they didn't even have the bottle (with friends) that I selected the second time.
  2. M&S Grill: Although they went out of their way to let me taste a few bottles (they even opened one for me), I wasn't impressed with their selection. There also isn't much of a crowd there on a week night. I think they are too far off the beaten path.

The sun is out, let's warm hearts...

I came across this wonderful article about a Plaza resident who suffered a terrible accident and how the community rallied to help her out. Although she's leaving the Plaza (and we're sorry to see her go), she goes with our best wishes!
"A motorcycle accident the day before her 26th birthday in July left Catherine “Kiki” Beggs a quadriplegic. And although she has made tremendous progress at a rehabilitation hospital in Denver, it was clear she couldn’t return to her apartment on the Country Club Plaza. And living in her mother’s home would have been difficult at best without extensive modifications."
The community kicked in to remodel her mother's home. Big props go out to: Acme Floors Co., PODS, Daltile, Crown Millwork, Kinney’s Plumbing, Wallboard Specialties, B.A. Barnes Electric, Warren Supply and "scores" of volunteers.

Read Grace Hobsen's article from the KC Star by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Plaza's Newest Tenant: Swanson Midgley

This will probably be the least read blog post of any PlazaBUZZ post ever, BUT...


SW has leased 12,000 square feet in the Plaza West Building.

Swanson Midgley has provided professional legal services to its clients for over 120 years. Swanson Midgley attorneys are entrepreneurial and goal-directed, and seek to achieve our clients’ objectives by providing quality legal services in the most efficient manner.

At least we know the lawyers are making bank in this economy, eh?

At least (x2) Highwoods didn't drop a Target on us... oh wait, that's still coming.

Did they forget the "Construction Zone?"

I don't mean anything by this, but Noble Investment Group has a really sour acronym (NIG). However, they are dumping $9,000,000 (yes, that's six zeros) into the Marriott Country Club Plaza.

Didn't this place just get renovated? Oh well, more dust and orange cones for us Plaza residents, eh?

The $9 million renovation will include the creation of the Marriott Great Room which is designed to provide "intimate social zones" (aka, a Great place to hang out if you can't get into Club Blonde).

Speaking of one of these "zones," the "Welcome Zone" is apparently going to be transformed into a "new approach to local information." This must mean that they are going to give Plaza Jerry a real job... perhaps paying him with all the cheeseburgers he can eat.

These construction PR people really need a lashing. I almost think they double-time to do political work for they string a lot of words together without saying anything.

Sorry, back to the "zones." The "Individual Zone" will be a great place for you butt-sniffers to scout out your next target. The "Social Zone"is the place for business travelers to sit at intimate tables for two (aka, out-of-towners engaged in marital affairs). The "Business Zone" will have all things needed to plan your conquest of the world.

In case you have a problem with any of this, "vibrant colors and rich hues will merge throughout the building" to make you feel like you are a character who has been taking Huxley's Soma for your entire lifetime.

Finally, I've never really known a Marriott to be an "urban landmark," but this is sure your chance to experience it. No wait... let them renovate it first. I love it when we renovate our "landmarks." No wonder so many Americans always look lost.

Protest of Proposition 8, Sat @ 1230pm

I'll leave my personal feelings about this Proposition that was passed in California to myself. As a good BUZZ reporter I'm here to let you know that a protest rally is planned for this Saturday, November 15 at 12:30pm. Organizers will be meeting at the J.C. Nichols Fountain (which is between J.C. Nichols & Main on 47th).

Proposition 8 was a California State ballot proposition that amended the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman. It overturned a recent California Supreme Court decision that had recognized same-sex marriage in California as a fundamental right.

It passed 52.3% to 47.7% with most supporters claiming that they were trying to "protect" marriage. This PlazaBUZZ reporter wonders how many that voted were actually divorced... maybe they are the ones that should be protected from marriage?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rain & Driving

I love rain unless I have to leave the cozy confines of the PlazaBUZZ HQ... kinda like I have to do now. Fortunately, there are both beer and family members at the destination. Okay, that's what I needed to write... I can go now.

Back on the P-BUZZ beat tomorrow.

Harold's Closing Shop

Harold's Stores Inc. has filed Chapter 11. The company has 41 stores in 19 states, including one on the Country Club Plaza and one in Town Center Plaza.

They are having a closing sale with clothing 30 percent off, shoes and accessories 40 percent off and some jewelry 50 percent off.

336-40 West 47th Street
KCMO 64112

M-W&F, 10a-7p
Thurs, 10a-9p
Sat, 10a-6p
Sun, 12p-5p

I've never been in a Harold's, but I did clean up at the Function Junction closing sale last week to get all that white china that I'd use for that dinner party that I'll never throw.

Chopping Blonde

The PlazaBUZZ never misses an opportunity to cut on Blonde. Although we didn't report this one, a fellow KC Blogger at one of our favorite reads, State of the Line, does a fine job of calling out the falsities of the obviously deceptive marketing scheme that Blonde is using to attract new patrons.

Oh and, by the way, we've a new spicy rag in town, ENVY. Move over INK. I fully expect to see Courtney Cox in character as Lucy Spiller from TV's crass and overly-materialistic (aka, crap) "Dirt" walking the streets of the Country Club Plaza, wind oddly and eternally in her face so that her raven-colored locks flow from her pretty little head.

From ENVY:
"Conveniently located in the trendy and eloquent Country Club Plaza, BLONDE is a mix of award-winning artist and interior designer Jeff Low and Los Angeles based Lucid Entertainment’s creation of a warm, alluring and sophisticated ultra-lounge."
And this where it gets good... our SOTLers are fellow grammar snobs (although I hope they leave my own errors alone):
"Where to start? With the description of an inanimate object as well-spoken? With the bizarre wording that implies Jeff Low was used as construction material? With the comical and nonsensical term “ultra-lounge”? Better to just ignore it, I think."
Awesome. Running out to nab my ENVY now. Maybe I'll stop by Club Blonde... at 10am I'm sure it's warm and peaceful.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Near Emergency @ Kona Grill Last Night

While I was sitting at the bar at Kona Grill last night imbibing on a Sam's Winter Ale, someone on the other side of the bar dropped to the floor. Patron's began yelling for someone to call 911, which I thought was strange since pretty much everyone yelling probably had a cell phone on them.

The person who passed out came back to consciousness and nothing more actually happened... thank goodness. In fact, I don't think 911 ever got called.

When it happened, I asked my friend if he was certified in First Aid and CPR. I was certified all through college, but I haven't been since. He said the same, that his certification had lapsed, as well.

Still, I'd take the chance to save someone's life though the Good Samaritan's Law wouldn't apply to me. I'd rather try and fail than do nothing at all.

I was surprised at how many people just sat there and did nothing. No one ran to assist. Everyone was googly-eyed just waiting to see what would happen. They always teach you in First Aid training that people always assume that someone else is going to call 911, so you should go ahead and do it. If you duplicate a call, then at least you know it's being handled.