Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After the Plaza Light Test @ 2AM

@tessk, Katie and I met at the Starbuck's intersection on the Plaza and watched as they tested the lights before the big night. We, of course, hit Fred P. Ott's for last call after. BUZZzzzzzz.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogger Drama: Better Than DofOL!

In response to my response about BlogKC/LetsGoKC's response and plagiarism accusation, I've received the following:
"All you had to do was say 'oops, sorry my bad' and be done with it. Sure anyone can use the info from a public press release, the problem is that you copied my own words and represented them as your own."
Dear Sir, where we differ is in your words, "represented them as your own." First of all, there is absolutely no reason for me to claim your words as my own. I'm not all that fond of them in the first place nor am I willing to submit to a DNA test if you aren't sure that they are yours. I believe our real debate is to whether your words actually represent some original form of art or whether they are simply a Public Service Announcement.

I believe that practically everyone would say... all together... P-S-A. The words themselves can be moved around and could, perhaps, became amazingly original, but in this particular layout they are quite like milk toast.

Hey, guess what... buses are running twice as often... WOOT!

Besides, I did apologize, but came at you because of your negativism, which you still never apologized for.

Chill. Pill. Now. I have wine, no more time for whine.

Dickie V (& the Schwab)!


I stopped into the Country Club Plaza's Barnes & Noble to see if Dickie V was still in the house. Sho' nuff... signing away!

While snapping a photo, I met two wonderful B&N employees, Mike & Deborah. I mentioned that we're starting up a local BUZZ blog and that I'd love to post about the events that they have going on in the bookshop. Bingo! New friends! I look forward to chatting with them in the future about how best to stay informed about their happenings.

And for the TRIFECTA...

STUMP THE SCHWAB was there, too. So I asked for his Hancock. SWEET!

BlogKC & the Turkey Baster

In my earlier post, which provided some quick updates about to-dos around the Country Club Plaza, I copied a few paragraphs from a blog which had cited the KC MAX bus schedule additions and changes. Although I'd normally link back and cite, as all good bloggers do, I was running off to an appointment and it slipped my mind.

But, since the PUBLIC bus schedule can definitely be claimed as CREATIVE CONTENT, then I'd like to post a public apology to.... oh wait... BlogKC/LetsGoKC's Eric Rogers is that one that has labeled me a "plagiarist" and even commented that I stole the content... but oh Mr. Rogers, I didn't even grab that from your blog.


Dear Lawd, whatever will happen to this charitable, friendly, love your fellow human, giving season if I don't tell you who this evil blogger is?

I mean seriously, Mr. Rogers, why don't you want to be my friendly, polite neighbor?

My advice, for free with no need to quote me or cite the source, is to pull the turkey baster out of your a$$ and throw back some nog. Chill, dude.

Okay, and my gift to you is an apology. I'm nice guy that will make sure that he doesn't step all over (nor link to) your "copyrighted" content again without an apology for your attitude. Happy holidays.

UPDATE: The drama continues...

The Storm Has Arrived

As of last night, my feeds and alerts for the Plaza started going insane with stories that are being written, both large and small. I'll do my best to keep you, our readers, informed!
  • If you want to skip the crowd, the Plaza lights will be tested at approximately 2AM tonight, i.e. Wednesday AM.
  • CSA Travel Protection (Who?) names Country Club Plaza lighting ceremony as one of top 5 destinations for Thanksgiving.
  • Good interview (and quick read) with retiring Plaza Manager Barry Brady about how the Plaza caters more to tourists than residents.
  • FINALLY, Plaza MAX bus service special schedule has been released:
Since BlogKC/LetsGoKC needs to pull the turkey baster out of their a$$, I'll quote from the KCATA site instead (this is public information and as much as you think you may have added some flair, your post says the same sh1t as the KCATA).

MAX Offers More Frequent Service For Plaza Lighting Ceremony
#39-39th Street-Plaza and #57-South Oak Night Service Reroutes Nov. 27 to Dec. 26; MAX Reroutes Nov. 27 Only

On Nov. 27, from 4 to 11 p.m., MAX will offer more frequent service for the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. MAX buses will operate about every 15 minutes, instead of every 30 minutes.

Buses on 15-minute frequency:
• Begin from 74th Terrace & Broadway at 4:01 p.m.
• Begin from 3rd & Grand Park-and-Ride at 4:06 p.m.
Last northbound bus leaves the Plaza (47th & Main) at 10:46 p.m.
Last southbound bus leaves the Plaza (47th & Main) at 11:28 p.m.
Throughout the rest of the day, MAX will operate its holiday schedule, which is every 30 minutes.
Oh my gosh, that actually provides better info than your post! And hey, um, by the way, I didn't grab that from your blog, I grabbed it from another vile, filthy plagiarist... but I'm not gonna tell you who it was. Nah nah nah nah.

Monday, November 24, 2008

810 Sports, Eat My Shorts?

Man, rough day in 810 yesterday... I just have a hard time with their reactive vs. proactive television station policy.

[Photo via ArmyofMom]

Every single time that I sit in the 810 location to watch NFL games, I have to ask them to change the TV's back to the channels I was watching... at least three times per day. I'm a fantasy football guy, so I admit that I'm high maintenance (thanks, Nan) and would like to see as many games as possible. I walk around the bar when I arrive and figure out the best place to sit and see as many games as possible.

Per their regional manager, Mr. Doyle (who called me this morning to apologize and talk about how they can do a better job):
"Our policy is to change the station for new arrivals, but if someone was already watching a game on that TV, then we'll change it back."
Although I see Mr. Doyle's point--they are trying to accommodate everyone--I ultimately think that it's a lazy policy. I'm proactive about where I should sit. Why can't the hostesses be proactive about asking patrons what games they are interested in watching, then take the time to find them a location where that game is already on rather than sit them and then change the channels around on everyone else?

It was exacerbated greatly yesterday when a group of guys (who were really cool guys once we began conversing) wanted to watch the CFL's Super Bowl, aka The Grey Cup, and the hostess sat them in the middle of the room and changed one of the central TVs that had the Bronco/Raider game on.

Come on, already.

I offered the guys an olive branch, because I didn't feel like being an ass for the third time of the day, by flipping my table TV to the Grey Cup... which, at least, prevented 810 from changing the channel on more TVs.

810 Sports, don't you see the point here?

In Mr. Doyle's defense, he offered to send me a $20 gift card for my next visit.