Sunday, December 21, 2008

810's Weekly Sports Flop

It astounds me every single week how much 810, self-proclaimed sports bar, irritates the hell out of those that come in to watch the games. I've ranted about a similar instance before which you can read here. This weekend totally took the cake...

It started well when I walked in a little bit before noon with all of the games already slotted into the televisions. The first set of games went well and then the insanity started.

For a full half-quarter, none of the 3pm games were being broadcast on any TV anywhere in the bar. Half of the TVs were blank, in fact. There were 5 games in action.

One of the larger big screens is split into four games. I lost count after those 4 games being shown had been moved around 8 times in 30 minutes. For most of that time, there were duplicate games being shown on the big screen. They never broadcast the Falcons/Vikings game on any screen the entire afternoon. When I asked for a TV somewhere to be changed to the Falcons game my server said that her manager was TOO BUSY to make the change (The place was maybe 33% full).

When I asked again and complained about all of the games being moved from TV to TV, my server said that she would have a manager come talk to me and we could figure it out.


To top it all off, three of the five afternoon games came down to the last few minutes... the Eagles/Skins, Broncos/Bills and Falcons/Vikings... when those games where in the throes of outcome, they flipped the big screen from a four game split screen to a single game forcing everyone to frantically look for the other games elsewhere. Fortunately, I had the Falcons on my table TV so I only had to search for the Broncos on another TV.

810 absolutely blows as a sports bar. I've been to many in my life and it is absolutely the worst one that I've ever attended.