Friday, January 30, 2009

Steve Jackson Broadcasting Live From 810 Tonight

Mr. Steve Jackson, of my local high school graduating class, will be kicking off his new sports talk radio show on Friday night at the Plaza 810 Sports Zone, 7pm. The show will be LIVE from the restaurant, so if you have the time, come support a local Ruskin Eagle!

Live call-in: 913-381-0810

Out-of-towners can catch Steve on:

Now, y'all my know that I'm pretty much DONE with 810 after getting sh1tty service from the management... they run the worst sports bar that I've ever been in... anywhere... props to the servers, however, they are definitely the cutest & sweetest on the Plaza.

See you there!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Great Plaza Debate

It's been a topic of conversation in the past, but with so many more PlazaBUZZ followers, perhaps we should revisit the topic. The great tradition of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City has always been one of preeminence when it comes to shopping and entertainment. It is a bastion of Kansas City culture.

And yet, there is a debate about the type of businesses that should be here.

On one hand, you have the residents on or near the Plaza. Few of us want to see more national brands, for we know that we can get them at Town Center or Zona Rosa or any number of other locations (or, for that matter, any other city). Do we really need another national restaurant chain or a Forever 21? We want local flavor.

On the other hand, the managing entity of the Plaza claims that the tourists that visit want to shop at the national brands. And, since the tourists, they say, spend more money on the Plaza than the residents, the tourists are the reason that we have a Cheesecake, Fogo, PF, Coach, et al.

So, BUZZers, what say you? I've added a poll on the right side of the page for your votes. Feel free to comment below!

Superficial Plaza Chick is BACK!

She's baaaaaaack.
Roasting blogs and dudes that cross her path.
Fighting with might for what's right in KC.
Droppin' rhymes like dandruff on a shirt collar.
Tellin' it, showin' it, rollin' it like it is.

Welcome back, Superficial Plaza Chick!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, what it was like to be young...

Houston's? Of all places, Houston's? I stumbled across a young writer's romanticized visit to Houston's on the Country Club Plaza this morning (read her Random Ramblings here).
"As we walked into the dimly lit restaurant (Houston's), we were greeted by a woman dressed all in black who led us to our table. The table which we sat at was candlelit, creating an atmosphere that gives you instant goose bumps if you have a flair for the dramatic. After our orders were taken I took a better look around, breathing in my surroundings. I peered over the tables next to us, trying to catch glimpses of the busy kitchen. I heard pots clanging merrily and shouts from various people in the steaming room."
Girl, you know there are 13 Houston's in the country, right? The last time I was in there, the food was raw (when it wasn't supposed to be), the first wine I ordered was out of stock, the second wine I ordered was horrid (my bad) and the fries were over-salted. I must, however, pull my punches a little bit, friends were recently in Houston's and said it's much improved from our previous visit.

I love your innocence, but you were SO CLOSE to good food; if you just would have gone to The Classic Cup right across the street!

There is a battle on the Plaza between the tourists and the residents. We residents want local fair, while the tourists always want to eat at the chains: Houston's, Cheesecake, PF's, Fogo... next time go local!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting into the Swing of 2009

Updated the events section in the right column... check it!