Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Push Vs. Pull Mobile Marketing

The great Orwellian fear that quaked us in our boots a few years ago was that world where businesses would be able to jingle our phones whenever we were nearby, prompting sales and whatnot.

Can you imagine walking down 47th Street on the Country Club Plaza if this was the case?

BZZZZ! Half off a book at Barnes!
BZZZZ! Free appetizer at 810!
BZZZZ! 10% off at Pottery Barn!
BZZZZ! Free socks with $20 purchase at GAP!

And... this would happen in a mere half-block! Oh, the HORROR!

So when I stumbled on the advertisement that has been placed on the Armani storefront, I was glad that someone had figured out how to take advantage of the constant foot traffic that walks along 47th. As you can see in the picture (above) they are giving you $10 off any purchase.

The response to the text says:
"Take $10 OFF any purchase, ends 3/15/09. Show txt instore or use AX10DL @ 1 use p/day. Exclusions apply. Fwd it on!"
I find it to be a clever use of the advertising medium. You can walk in now or go online later. You also have the ability to send it to a friend... because they've given you options on how you can use it, they are more apt to give you a positive experience, which may lead to you actually passing it along to a friend!

Dig it, Armani!