Saturday, February 21, 2009

Results from the Drink, Eat, Shop Question

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What do you do the most when you come the Country Club Plaza: drink, eat or shop?
  • @secamode says, "Eat at Eden Alley!"
  • @tessk says, "I shop a lot less since they took away my fave store from the plaza. RIP Casual Corner.... RIP!"
  • @kaitlin862 says, "I would have to say shop but that eating is a close second."
  • @the_glendon says, "You forgot 'people watch.' Cause I'm going with that."
  • @tessk felt strong enough to answer TWICE, "Drink, shop, eat (would eat more if they had more local, less chains)!"
  • @mortimas says, "I watch girls... unless my wife is reading my tweets, then I'm kidding."
  • @ca_rose says, "Shop, followed closely by eat/drink."
Hardly statistical significance here, but enough to determine that the Plaza is all about the TOTAL DRINKEATSHOPPEOPLEWATCH Experience. If you'd like to shorten that phenomenon, then you can call it the TDESPW Experience. Word.

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PFL0W said...


It's fresh.

It's inexpensive.

The menu changes.

It's got a good atmosphere.

The staff is terrific in all ways.

Mo Rage
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